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Three Stooges Wallpapers

Alright you knuckleheads! Here are a few stooges wallpaper designs you might want to use as your computer background.. If you like these you might check out the official 1999 Three Stooges Calendar, where these and many other pictures can be found. On each calendar page there is a summary of the episode pictured plus a sampling of the dialog. Of course, the year is over now, so fat chance you will find it.

Half Shot Shooters (1936)

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Calling All Curs (1939)

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We Want Our Mummy (1939)

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Half Wits Holiday (1947)

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Three Stooges Sound Bites
(32k) Curley: I'm gettin' sick and tired of this job - I ain't gettin' anywhere!
(22k) Moe: You know, the old engine ain't what it used to be.
(11k) Larry: You're tellin' me!
(25k) Moe: My name is Moe.
(10k) Larry: My name is Larry.
(27k) Moe: Now I'll explain this so even you can understand.


Links to Other Stooge Sites
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Hansen's Three Stooges Web Site - collection of sounds and more.
The Three Stooges Online Filmography - episode summaries, background wallpapers and more. Worth a visit. - Great stooge resource,
Official Three Stooges Web Site - owned by Comedy III, the official owners of the Three Stooges copyrights.


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