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Hidden Gags in Looney Tunes
and Merrie Melodies Cartoons

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(Clampett, 1946)

Bugs' Book!
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Can We Check This One Out?   As the scene pans and fades, you get a brief glimpse of a book written by Bugs Bunny himself called his "Life And Times".


Daffy Pose

A familar name   One of the books in the store is a "Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comic". Of course, from here Daffy steps out into the picture and becomes "Daffy Boy", the star of the film...

Baseball Bugs
(Freleng, 1946)

An interesting fence
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Maltese is a ...Detective?   This one happens really fast so you need to freeze the frame to really get a good look at it. On the ballpark fence there are some ads worth checking out, especially one which mentions the writer of "Baseball Bugs", Michael Maltese. It has a picture of a man with a gun and a detective-ish hat with the words "Mike Maltese, Ace Dick" written nearby.
There's also a pretty funny ad for some cough drops...[Thanks go out to Jack for this one. He gave me *just* enough information to locate it.]


Finer Footwear?

A Ross Sign   On the fence behind the hurler Bugs, is a sign hawking The Ross Co's "Finer Footwear For The Brats". A definate reference to Virgil Ross.

Holiday for Shoestrings
(Freleng, 1946)

The Two Chattering Elves

What did you say?   After one elf with poor aim hits the other with a mallet, an argument breaks out. Here's what it sounds like. Now hear is the same clip slowed down so that you can hear the voices. They say something similar to this...
"Yeah, well c'mon
We finally got rid of that girl
Yeah, but where's your power over women now?
Honestly, that's the first complaint I've had in 15 years
Yeah, now c'mon, let's get on out of here"

There's another very similar clip from later in the cartoon. Here is the original version and here is the slowed down clip.
[Thanks go to Stooge for suggesting that I look into this "elfish" chatter.].

Hollywood Daffy
(Freleng, 1946)

Studio sign
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Quite a production   The studio where Daffy is visting in this film is called Warmer Bros.

The Great Piggy Bank Robbery
(Clampett, 1946)

Who's that?
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A Little Cameo   Driving the bus to the gangster's hideout is a pig in disguise. Porky only appears for a few seconds.


OK, then who's that?

Mystery man   This cartoon is famous for the large cast of "Dick Tracy-ish" villians but at one point as the series of gangsters fall out of the closet, there is one man who appears but doesn't look gangster-ish at all. It looks like it could be a caricature of someone but I've never heard who this person is.


Well, then who is she?

Mystery woman?   There is also a mystery woman who tumbles out of the closet. She doesn't look like a villian either and as with the man, I have no idea who she might be based upon. If you'd like to see more of the gangsters falling out of the closet, take a look here.

Walky Talky Hawky
(McKimson, 1946)

A Good Read?
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Special delivery   What sort of magazine does an average chickenhawk read? Well, in Henery Hawk's Poppa's mailbox you can see the latest issue of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics!

Racketeer Rabbit
(Freleng, 1946)

The place to stay?
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Hotel Friz   Yet another Friz sighting: as the gangsters speed by you can see a billboard along the road advertizing "Hotel Friz" (and "Krools" cigarettes).

The Gay Anties
(Freleng, 1947)

Friz in a jam?

Another Fine Freleng Product   The picnic includes yet another food product based on the nicknames of Isadore Freleng. This time it is "Frisby Pure Jam" for us to enjoy.

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