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Welcome to the GregBrian Zone?
Where you can find the following stuff...
  • Sounds I've captured from Looney Tunes , The 3 Stooges or Babylon 5 episodes plus some links to "sound sites" I consider exceptional.
  • An assortment of various Themes I have put together (or links to places where I have found some good themes).
  • Some Links - Every web site has to have a set of links, doesn't it?
  • And maybe a few surprises coming down the road...

I've tried to make these pages easy to use by keeping them compact and by using minimal graphics. Presently everything is crammed into a single web page, but once a given section grows, I'll eventually split it off to another page. Anyway, comments (positive or negative) are welcome of course. Feel free to use my guestbook or just plain old for your feedback.

Looney Tunes
(30k)(Bugs Bunny) Ain't it the truth!
(100k)(Bugs Bunny) Man must have his mate...
The best site for Foghorn Leghorn sounds, information and more - One Foggy Site
3 Stooges
(32k) Curley: I'm gettin' sick and tired of this job - I ain't gettin' anywhere!
(22k) Moe: You know, the old engine ain't what it used to be.
(11k) Larry: You're tellin' me!
(25k) Moe: My name is Moe.
(10k) Larry: My name is Larry.
(27k) Moe: Now I'll explain this so even you can understand.

Babylon 5
(51k)Computer: Hull breach
(31k)Kosh: Is there a problem?
(26k)Zathrus: Not good...malfunction
(42k)Lyta: If you're gonna do something, do it now!


Daily Themes
Theme World
Freeware Forever
Foghorn Leghorn Themes

Links to Other Sites

Looney4U Backgrounds
One Foggy Site - Foghorn Leghorn & more
Looney Tunes/MM Filmography
Unofficial Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Page
LT and MM page
A Webjump site...testing

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