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Hidden Gags in Looney Tunes
and Merrie Melodies Cartoons

After you watch enough Warner Bros. theatrical cartoons it becomes obvious that the directors and animators liked to slip in little hidden gags during the cartoons. The meanings of the gags often would only be understood by a small number of people, or in some cases, the gag was either executed very quickly or was lost in the background.

On this website I have captured some of those hidden jokes and gags. Many have images to accompany the description - which comes in handy since they often happen so quickly! Note that most topics have thumbnail images which can be selected to show a larger version of the scene.

So pay close attention and soon you'll be able to amaze your friends and family with how observant you are when all of you gather around the set for some LT&MM. And then again, maybe you'll just have fun reading these and want to keep it to yourself. In either case, have fun! Some of these gags were pointed out to me by others - I'll try to credit those individuals. If you notice any errors or want to suggest another gag, then I invite you to drop by the Discussion Blog where there are threads setup for this purpose (the old discussion board is now a thing of the past). Note that I still have literally dozens of gags to be added - so there will be more updates in the future as time permits. Check the blog and News / Updates page for the latest info on recent additions!

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