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Hidden Gags in Looney Tunes
and Merrie Melodies Cartoons

This page is a second index of sorts except that instead of listing things in the order of release date, it groups the gags by the type of gag or who was involved.

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Looney Headlines
Newspaper headlines you won't want to miss.
Audio Gags
You can't see some of the gags - these are ones you can hear! In some case they can't be heard without using equipment to slow or reverse the audio track.
Staff Caricatures
Many of the people at Termite Terrace had cartoon characters based on them. These are some examples.
Staff Name-dropping
There are many gags involving the creative or humorous use of Warner Bros. staff member names in the backgrounds.
Looney Tunes and Warner Bros.
There were several cases where "Looney Tunes", "Warner Bros." or parodies of these names are mentioned in the background.
Looney Books and Signs
There are many gags involving other silly books or signs in the background. Here are a few of these...